2 Days Digital Marketing Elite Training 2016

  • Tanggal: 8-9 Oktober 2016
  • Tempat: Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta MidPlaza, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 10-11, Jakarta
  • Jam: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB

Informasi Pendaftaran >> http://workshop.digitalmarketer.id/digital-marketing

3 thoughts on “2 Days Digital Marketing Elite Training 2016

  1. I will definitely be there. I went to BoB in 2006 but not T4G and instantly lapsed into a miidonepressi-n when Timmy took that pic of the sign language interpreter. It will take God’s providence to keep me away this time!I’ll be bringing a small suitcase for the free books. >:-DStephen Newell’s last blog post..

  2. Once I laid my eyes on the very first page of your blog, my heart leaped. And then I thought to myself, someday, I will be just like you. Thank you for being my heart’s sip of coffee.

  3. Kevin,You are a true pro. seeming to be quite calm and accepting and then do the same thing we have all been requesting ‘JOVAN if u want an answer post a video’. This should ensure he cant hide behind the laptop much longer.Started my transformation yesterday only cardio for 9days then weights start next Tuesday. Need to get the body used to moving againNor,Your pretty much right only that the topless locations are ristricted to a few resorts. Similar to Europeans we are taxed to death (only we dont see the benefits in our infastructure).

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